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Wrong Justin

The other day I was driving down the road listening to the radio when a song came on that caught my attention. It had a catchy beat so I stayed on the station. I was starting to get into the song, and the voice I was hearing sounded like Justin Timberlake. I got excited thinking JT had something new out! When I was 13, I really honestly thought I was going to marry this man. I had his posters covering my walls. I even changed clothes either in the bathroom or my closet so he couldn’t “see” me. So needless to say, I have been a JT fan since the Mickey Mouse Club. JT grew up as did I, and I remained a fan because his style still catered to my tastes.

When I got home I hurried to Youtube to find this song. I found it! It was Justin’s new song! Justin…. Bieber. Yeah you read that right. No offense to 13 year old girls, but I don’t believe I am the intended audience for his music. None of his other songs are anything I want to listen to. I would just switch the station when he came on.

When I found his song on Youtube it did not make me an instant fan, but I am not going to lie, I listened to it two more times. I texted my friend T. 

K:I think I like Justin Bieber now. Just shoot me.

T:Yeah, I might have to.

K:His new song is catchy

T:Eh I don’t know about that lol.

Fast forward to two days later~~~~

T:So I heard Justin Bieber’s new song… I like it.

K:Ha! Join me on the dark side.

T:Muahahaha! Evil laugh.

K:We have to convert M now lol.

T:Ha ha, I will be working on that.

K:I don’t know what it is about the song. Guess I caught Bieber Fever.

T:I haven’t caught the fever, I just like the song, it’s catchy. I thought it was Justin Timberlake at first.

K:Me too! Then I got home and was like wtf wrong Justin.

T:Ha ha! Glad it wasn’t just me.

So it turns out I am not the only one who was tricked by the Biebs. I just thought it was kind of funny since we all have had more than one conversation about how we don’t see the appeal. Like I said, we are not his intended audience. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about him. He apparently started out on Youtube though. More power to him. 

In other news my OPK from cycle day 8.



So I am just waiting it out. I have a feeling that when I do ovulate, the hubs is going to be on a business trip. He has one coming up towards the end of the month. So we will see. Wishing, hoping, planning….


So far, so good

I am on my third day of Clomid. So far I haven’t had any side effects, but I don’t think they really start until after you have finished taking it. I have been a little on the moody side, and I have been warmer than I normally am. Especially at night. I just can’t sleep well if I am too hot. Not sleeping may be contributing to my moodiness.

I had been taking the Target brand of prenatal vitamins because my Dr. said to continue to take them even though my pregnancy had ended. It started giving me heartburn at night so I stopped taking them. I decided to give another brand a whirl. I am taking the Vitafusion gummies now. They taste fruity, and so far I haven’t had any heartburn from them.

I got the Answer brand OPK by suggestion of my Dr. in the list of “rules” to follow when you are on Clomid. I have a Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor, but she told me I could get false positives if I used it. I don’t see how I wont get false positives using the other OPKs, but oh well. I am going to follow the rules. When I get a positive OPK, then ten days later I will go for blood work to have them do a serum Progesterone test. In my past pregnancies my Progesterone has been extremely low, the Dr. said it is possible that it was low because the pregnancy was already failing. I don’t know. I am on cycle day 7. This has been the shortest period of my life, even when I was on birth control. Here is a pic of the OPK from this morning. Obviously negative, but it is still early. I will try and post the progression of my OPKs.Image


That is all for now…. wishing, hoping, planning.


I didn’t mean to, but I did a hit-and-run blog post. I actually intended on telling my whole story from the beginning all the way until now. I am not going to anymore though. Sorry.

Lately I have been using to track my eating habits to see just how much I mindlessly consume. I really am motivated to stick with it this time. I am not calling it a “diet”. I am just trying to watch portions. I am not this person. I am meant to be more active. My worst habit was stuffing my face with junk while I watch tv. It really is true that you eat more if you sit in front of the tv, so the hubs and I have tried to make it a habit to eat at the table. I still watch too much tv though. There will never be a cure for that. Especially with the DVR.

I have also been doing Zumba at my gym. If you have not tried it, you should! I don’t even feel like I am working out. I just feel like I am at a dance party having so much fun! I was so nervous the first time I went to Zumba because since I am a bigger girl, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it, or people would make fun of me. I was even afraid I would accidentally stand in someone’s “spot” and they would ask me to move. That happened to my mother-in-law when she tried Zumba. She never went back. I have to say though that my experience was awesome. The instructor was so high-energy and she was just so positive. (that’s what they get paid for right?) Everyone has been so encouraging, which makes it all the more fun. Last night I even went to a 90 minute class! I know, right! I am sore today though from using muscles to shake it that I haven’t used in a while. Still fun.

As far as baby-making goes, I went back to the Dr. a few weeks ago. She thinks that I have PCOS, which makes sense. That would cause some anovulatory cycles and could cause my luteal phase to be off. It would also be the reason we have lost 3 pregnancies. My Dr. put me on 500 mg of Metformin a day. I already have a regular period, but since I don’t ovulate every cylce the Metformin will help that by regulating my blood sugar. I was worried because on day 28 I was waiting for my cycle to start since that is the norm for me. When it didn’t I took six pregnancy tests, even though I knew it was highly unlikely that I could be since we used protection. Of course they were all negative. Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same actions over and over expecting different results? Yeah, pretty sure I am crazy. Infertility will make a girl lose her mind.

Just when I thought my mind was gone for good, and I was about to call my Dr. to see if Metformin can lengthen cycles,I started spotting yesterday. Today I have had a light flow, so I guess this would be day 1. I am going to start Clomid on day 5. I am not looking forward to it because I am already an emotional basket case and I can’t stand the thought of being worse than this. I am bat-$hit crazy and I hate it. I know, sexy. Not to mention the nausea from the Metformin and sometimes it can give you the runs. Sexier, yeah!

So that is where we stand right now. Maybe we will get lucky and our first cycle with Clomid will be successful? I did find a few 4 leaf clovers when we were camping two weeks ago. I also fell down and got mud all over me while we were hiking. Stay tuned. Until next time, wishing, hoping, planning the heck out of it! (and being crazy)