So far, so good

I am on my third day of Clomid. So far I haven’t had any side effects, but I don’t think they really start until after you have finished taking it. I have been a little on the moody side, and I have been warmer than I normally am. Especially at night. I just can’t sleep well if I am too hot. Not sleeping may be contributing to my moodiness.

I had been taking the Target brand of prenatal vitamins because my Dr. said to continue to take them even though my pregnancy had ended. It started giving me heartburn at night so I stopped taking them. I decided to give another brand a whirl. I am taking the Vitafusion gummies now. They taste fruity, and so far I haven’t had any heartburn from them.

I got the Answer brand OPK by suggestion of my Dr. in the list of “rules” to follow when you are on Clomid. I have a Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor, but she told me I could get false positives if I used it. I don’t see how I wont get false positives using the other OPKs, but oh well. I am going to follow the rules. When I get a positive OPK, then ten days later I will go for blood work to have them do a serum Progesterone test. In my past pregnancies my Progesterone has been extremely low, the Dr. said it is possible that it was low because the pregnancy was already failing. I don’t know. I am on cycle day 7. This has been the shortest period of my life, even when I was on birth control. Here is a pic of the OPK from this morning. Obviously negative, but it is still early. I will try and post the progression of my OPKs.Image


That is all for now…. wishing, hoping, planning.


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