Archive | June 2012


I went to my appointment with my RE on the 14th. It went pretty good. I had a consult first, then he did an ultrasound. He said that I might have a fibroid, but it shouldn’t affect my ability to have a baby. I really liked the Dr, and he seemed like he cares about helping me, which is a plus. He is nice, and has good bedside manner. The only thing I found a little awkward was during the ultrasound. Instead of standing off to the side at one point he was actually standing between my legs with the dildo cam. It was kind of funny so I giggled. I know he probably thinks I am nuts. He said my lining was a little too thick for him to really see anything and that he wants me to come back for another ultrasound after my period. He also wants my hubs to come with me so he can do blood work for both of us. I go back next Thursday for that appointment. I can’t remember what the procedure is called that he is going to do, but it involves putting liquid in my uterus and through my¬†Fallopian¬†tubes to make sure I have no blockages or problems there. I really don’t think I do since I am able to easily conceive. I just can’t seem to make it past 6-8 weeks. So that is all for now. We are camping this weekend at Fall Creek Falls, so that should be fun. Until later… wishing, hoping, planning.