No Trigger

Well today I went to the RE’s office to get an ultrasound, labs and maybe an HCG shot. When I got there I tried to open the door. It was locked. There just happened to be another patient outside, and he was calling them to see what was up. It turns out that one of the ladies that works in the office had a family emergency so she had to go, but there was supposed to be someone replacing her for the day. While he was on the phone with them he told them I was waiting for my appointment. When they got off the phone with him they called me. She apologized and told me that my appointment somehow slipped through the crack. She said the nurse was on her way back to the office.

My hubs had finally gotten there too, he took the rest of the day off the be there for moral support. When she got there it had only been ten minutes. I thought to myself, great, I can still get everything done and get my trigger shot. When she got there she apologized for the confusion. Then she said she isn’t able to do ultrasounds. Only the lady that was out for a family emergency can. She asked me if I would come back tomorrow. It wont be too late to trigger. 

My heart kind of sank a little. I understand that things happen sometimes. Hubs wont be able to take off work again tomorrow though. He pushed back his meetings from this afternoon. I can go by myself, I just liked the idea of having him there. I started thinking maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t try for a baby anymore. Maybe we should move on to adoption. I know my husband will make such a wonderful father, and it kills me to know it may not happen for us. I still am not sure about adoption.

When we left the Dr’s office we went to eat and we talked about it while we were there. I feel a lot better about what happened. It is still okay if we trigger tomorrow. It is still early enough that my body should have enough time to build up progesterone. We will see what happens. Que sera, sera. Listening to Pitbull’s Krazy and dancing. It will make you feel better.


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