Short Circuit

I went to my appointment with my RE yesterday. My reproductive organs seem to have short circuited this cycle. Remember those follicles I had? Gone! I don’t know what happened. I was expecting them to have grown to be 20 mm. I have been having cramps from hell the past few days, all for nothing. I hate my body. 

After the ultrasound the Dr. said I should try 100 mg of Clomid instead of 50. I thought he meant for next cycle, which we have to skip since my hubs will be out of the country. He said to start taking it today. I am so confused. I have never heard of anyone taking it twice in one cycle. Tomorrow is cycle day 16. How is this going to work. I know you are supposed to ovulate 5-9 days after your last pill. That is supposed to be around the time for my next period. Now I don’t know what will happen with my cycle. Why can’t I just be like normal people? Most of my friends are like, I think I want a baby, then the next week they are announcing their pregnancy. 

So now I go back for another ultrasound on the 6th to see if I have follicles. I am not holding my breath. 


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