Day 7

I had a wonderful day today! First I went with my friend to her Dr. appointment. Her Dr. is mine as well. She remembered my name and everything that is going on with us. I told her I triggered yesterday and she said good luck. It further reinforces the fact that I know I am now with the best OB for me. She actually cares. I love her! I think I will be transferred back to her after the first trimester.

After we left there we went to Cracker Barrel. We don’t eat there that often only because it is on the other side of town. It was really good though. After breakfast we went to visit her little dumpling in the NICU. I had such a great time there today. I got to hold him for a really long time. He has gotten so big. He is also doing most of his feedings with a bottle now. He will be coming home soon. So excited for that!

When we left there we did a little shopping. Not a whole lot. When I got home my hubs got there about twenty minutes later. We declared this evening date night since hopefully we will be making a baby tonight if all goes well. I really hope it works! We shall see. I will know for sure by the 24th. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Now we are home just hanging out on the couch for now. I am feeling kind of crappy because my blood pressure is really high right now. I am not sure why. I went ahead and took a blood pressure pill. I haven’t taken one in  a while since when my blood pressure is normal, when I take it I don’t feel well. I am starting to feel a little better right now. Just a little headache. It better go away before go time.

Here is my picture for day 7. Fruit or vegetable.


Wish me luck! ❤


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