Day 8

I will not have anymore caffeine after today! I am in love with the pumpkin spice latte. I gave up caffeine two years ago when we started TTC. After each loss I rebelled by drinking a few caffeinated beverages. The past week or so I have been drinking tons of caffeine. I need to stop! I don’t want to be addicted to it again. Today was my last latte. Hence the pic for day 8.

When my Dr. gave me my trigger shot on Thursday I assured him that I would either stay up until the magic hour, or I would set an alarm. I am not sure how important it is to be on time, but we almost missed our opportunity. I can’t believe after weeks of not being able to sleep at a decent hour, I couldn’t stay up till 1 am. I will be surprised if it works. I am probably going to have to shell out another grand to try it again.

I hate when people say to me, “at least you can get pregnant”, or “at least you weren’t that far along”. Our situation is still coded as infertility with our insurance company. Our insurance will pay for diagnostic testing, but not treatment. So we have to pay out-of-pocket for all this. There is still no answer for why it keeps happening. I have had so many tests done. I feel like I lost myself somewhere along the way. I just want to feel like myself again. I don’t even know who that would be though.


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