Day 13

Today I am 7 days past my trigger shot, so maybe 5 or 6 days past ovulation. I have been taking a pregnancy test everyday so I can test it out. The lines have been getting lighter, but are still there. Last night I noticed some pink and brown spotting that has continued some today. I guess that means my period will be coming soon. Monday is supposed to be my progesterone test. I think my period will start before then though. I tried to tell the Dr. that my luteal phase is short. I almost always start my period around 7-8 days after I ovulate. I guess they thought I wouldn’t since they tweaked my cycle.

I do have some good news. My hubs was supposed to be in Japan during my next cycle. His bosses decided they may postpone until March. I really hope they do! I want to keep trying. I don’t want to lose our momentum. I do wonder if my Dr. will want to do anything different this time around. Maybe I should just hold off on TTC and go with him to Japan. I would obviously have to pay for my own plane ticket and food, but I could just stay in his hotel room with him for free. I haven’t been out of the country since before I got married, so my passport needs to be updated.

Here is today’s picture.

 Day 13- animal

My sweet little Penny Lane. I am so attached to this kitten. When I got her, we had just suffered our fourth miscarriage. She helped heal my broken heart. Soon it will be time for her to be spayed and declawed. The thought of anything hurting her just makes me unbelievably sad. I asked hubs if he thinks Penny is sweet. His reply “I haven’t tasted her”. Smart ass.

Hubs has nicknames for all of our cats.

Penny= Shredder, or the Fuzzy Terrorist

Violet= Ninja Kitty, or Cat Alarm

Socks=Fat Bastard (she is rather large)



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