I’m baaaaack

Took a little bloggy hiatus. I am all caught up on school stuff. Yay! I think I even managed to pull off an A in this class. I still had to go to the RE on the 24th even though we all knew I didn’t get pregnant this time. I can’t believe we spent a grand for NOTHING! Every other time the Dr. gave us the go ahead I got pregnant on the first try. I think I was just under so much pressure since we were spending so much money for it this time. I am secretly glad it didn’t work. I was scared of having another miscarriage.

We are going to take a break until I am excited about trying again instead of terrified. Since hub’s trip to Japan was rescheduled for sometime in March, I think we will try again when he gets back. Our game plan will be Clomid 100mg starting on day 3 for 8 days, then trigger shot and timed intercourse. Sounds promising.

I didn’t realize how stressed out I was about my presentation for my class last week until it was over. I feel so free now that it is done! Hubs and I got into a HUGE fight on Monday. All he did was ask me when the last time I went to the gym was. He was just curious, but I thought it was his way of saying get your butt to the gym fattie. I went all  Kyle’s mom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFtn2Ke0vwQ on his ass. Then I watched Honey Boo Boo. Worst. show. ever! I am not even kidding. I love reality shows. My guilty pleasure. But this? I am from the south, but I can’t even understand what they are saying! Do yourself a favor and do not watch this show. Made me forget all about being pissed at hubs though.

Oh yeah, and Tuesday morning I dragged myself out of bed early and went to the gym. Glad I did. I feel a million times better. I have been everyday since then except Friday. I started slacking on going to the gym when I was on Clomid. I wasn’t sleeping at night so I was tired. I could barely get through a workout. I was also having some crazy hot flashes and headaches. Oh the joys of Clomid. Fun times. I do have renewed motivation to get back to it besides the endorphin high.

Disney World! We had originally planned to do Disney when we go down to Florida this summer for a wedding. In June though the park is too crowded, and it is really hot and just miserable. Then I had a stroke of genius. Why don’t we go in January for my birthday? So we are going sometime within the first two weeks of January. Fewer crowds, cooler weather, and cheaper prices. Plus most of the Christmas decorations will still be up. Disney goes all out for Christmas. It is beautiful! We have to plan it around the new equipment trial at hub’s work. He spent about a million dollars of the company’s money on new equipment for his process, so he must be there when it comes in.

Anyway, enough of this crazy rambling. I plan on getting back in the action on Manly Monday! Laters baby.



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