Manly Monday

It’s Manly Monday!


Last week hubs and I visited our friends whose baby just came home from the NICU. This was the first time my husband held him. He started getting a little fussy and since my friend was taking an opportunity to get some things done I took him. He immediately stopped fussing and went to sleep. Later hubs said that I am good at holding babies. Then he said he is good at holding kittens.

Last week hubs and his best friend accidentally matched not once, but twice. They work together and they have a few of the same work polos. The guys at work gave them all kinds of crap. I thought it was hilarious. They went to college together, and I have always said they have a bromance going on.

I first met my husband when I was sixteen. We worked at Kroger together. It was my third day on the job, my first day on my own register. I showed up for my shift and he was on the register behind me. I immediately noticed his arm muscles, then his gorgeous melted-chocolate brown eyes. I said “hi”. He said “you need to be blue-lining when you don’t have a customer, and you need to keep your receipts straight”. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself that he was an A-hole.

And this is how we met.

Now for a weird little glimpse into our marriage. We both have a “get out of marriage free” pass. This means that if the top person on our list at any given time were to ask us out, then we would be free to accept. The only rule is this person must be someone famous, not like an ex or something. His right now is Rachel McAdams. Mine at the moment is Paul Wesley. I think we are both secure enough in our relationship to joke about this.

He is always telling me that I “chipmunk”. And  that my grandpa does too. He says it is where we smile so big that our cheeks stick out  like a chipmunk and our dimples show. He is always trying to make me laugh so I will make that face. Most of the time he succeeds. I think it is attractive when a guy has a good sense of humor. Even after almost eleven years together, he still gives me butterflies. My husband is hot y’all.


One thought on “Manly Monday

  1. I love how fun it is to peek into other people’s marriage’s.

    I guess I always thought that DH and I were kinda outsiders but the more I read the manly monday posts, I think, holy shit, we’re wonderfully normal and average!

    Love that you thought your DH was a rules following A-hole at first meeting, too cute 🙂 I thought my DH was the kind of person who wouldn’t like me: kinda upper middle class preppy, but I guess I was wrong!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it meant a lot. B

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