It’s Manly Monday

For this Manly Monday post I figured I would continue the story about how I met my husband. When we first met it was July. We didn’t really speak much during the summer or fall. In December 2001 we both were invited to a Christmas party. He said I could ride to the party with him. I said “no thanks”.  At the party he wouldn’t scoot over and let me sit by our friend Lee, so I had to sit next to him.

At this time hubs was dating a girl named Gina. In my opinion, she wasn’t his type. Once when we were closing the customer service desk down after our shifts he opened the door to the accounting room, pulled her inside and shut the door in my face. I stood there awkwardly for a moment then said aloud to a closed door “bye y’all, see ya tomorrow”. We sure were batting a thousand.

On January 12th, 2002 my friends and I were out celebrating my 17th birthday. We had dinner at Chili’s then went to the movie theater. Once we got to the theater I realized I was the only one there without a date. I felt kind of left out, but my stand-in was still at work, though he would be getting off before the movie ended. I just didn’t feel like seeing a movie anymore so I ditched my friends. I went to meet my friend as he was leaving work because he promised me a surprise.

We were going to Centennial Park in Nashville! He wanted to show me the hippie tree. It is a huge magnolia tree where people would hang their hammocks and sleep in the tree. I believe they are no longer allowed to do this. Anyway the point of all this was that my hubs just happened to be leaving work at the same time and asked if he could tag along.

We went and saw the tree. Afterwards hubs and I were having such good conversation that we decided to hang out just the two of us for a little while. He was still dating Gina at this time, but I was starting to develop a little crush. He drove me to a neighborhood that was still being built and we went for a walk. I was freezing, but the stars were so beautiful. The conversation kept flowing. He kept me laughing the entire time.

We went back to get my car. Then he hugged me (gasp!), and we went our separate ways. I got home an hour and a half past my curfew, and my parents were furious! It was well worth it though. The next day hubs and Gina had decided not to be a couple anymore. That night he said to me, “I am surprised you’re not crushed, because I have been crushing on you so hard”. Seriously y’all, this was his line! I laughed in his face, but eventually I told him the feeling was mutual. He took me on our first date the next day. January 14th 2002. Went to see a movie, (Orange County), ate lunch at Burger King, then went to a park to walk around. The rest is history.

My MIL called me today. She works as an RN at a NICU. Today she was helping out with well babies. She wanted to share with me a story about a woman who had suffered four miscarriages. This woman had a baby today. She doesn’t want me to lose hope because it can still happen for us. I am not giving up. I am just taking a well deserved and much needed break for my sanity’s sake. G’night bloggy friends. We bought a new tv yesterday, and it’s begging me to come watch it.




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