I do re-do

Good morning! I know it has been for me. I slept in until 9:00. It snowed here in East Tennessee on Thursday. Even though we only got about two inches and it was melted by yesterday afternoon, I got a snow day on Friday! This means I get a four day weekend since Monday is a holiday. Yay! I am going to post my pic of me in the dress! Sorry for the head-chopping.(Apparently foot-chopping too, the dress is tea-length) I wanted to keep at least a little semblance of anonymity for this blog. (yes I know I already posted a pic with my face) Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the dress. If you are curious, here it is on someone skinny. Also, this was just the trying on phase, my actual dress will fit me better.


Also if you are curious, I picked out my shoes too!


It is hard to tell from the picture but the shoes match the sash. Also here is a picture of what my rings will look like after I upgrade them. The diamond in the center is my original engagement ring. The rest is just a tiny little bit of extra bling.


I think it will end up looking very pretty when they are done. We are not going to upgrade his ring because we already did that a couple of years ago when he decided he would rather have a tungsten carbide ring instead of white gold.

My next goal is to figure out how I want my hair and make-up. I need to visit a florist in town as well.  I already found someone to take pictures for us. We also found out this week that if we want to do this on the day of our anniversary it wont be until 7:30 pm. I am not a fan of this since our family will be driving 3 hours to get here and that would mean they would be getting back very late. They can’t stay because it is a Sunday and some of them have to work the next morning. We asked if it was possible for our pastor to do the ceremony that Saturday and we still haven’t heard back. So we will see.

I am also going to have food catered in to our house for after the ceremony, so I have to decide what I want. At the moment I am thinking Moe’s. I am in the process of figuring out invitations, but I can’t really do anything until I have a date set in stone. I am also getting paper lanterns to release. I think that’s it.

When we met with our pastor we decided to share with him about our losses. He was very kind about it, and prayed with us. He and his wife have had two miscarriages this year. I can’t wait to find out what my Dr says at our appointment on Monday. I hope she found out what is wrong with me.

Talk to y’all soon! ❤





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