All systems are go

Hubs took a half day off today to take me to the Dr since I was a little worried about what she would say. My TSH level was at 3.27, which is in the normal range. When TTC though, she likes to see TSH at a 2 or below. I had read this before on a website, so I am extremely thankful she is willing to help me correct it. She put me on Synthroid. She said it can take up to six weeks to start working and bringing my levels down, but we are free to try again. When my period starts in a couple of weeks, we will start our next round of Clomid.

In the back of my mind I am wondering if this has something to do with all of our miscarriages. I think the combination of all of these things will help us get our miracle baby! So correcting the thyroid, taking Clomid to have a stronger ovulation, taking Lovenox as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed, and making sure my progesterone is staying up will hopefully work for us. It is so hard to have four losses and not know the cause!

In case anyone is curious, here is my list of medications: Metformin 500 mg, prenatal vitamin, Aspirin 81mg, Synthroid 25 mcg and when I am trying to get pregnant Clomid 50 mg days 5-9. If I am lucky enough to become pregnant again, I will be on this same list of medications as well as Lovenox. I think this is a good game plan. I am confident that my Dr will be able to figure out a formula that will work for me. I absolutely love her,and stand by my decision 100% for her to continue my care instead of the RE. She really is wonderful. I think part of this is because before she conceived her only daughter she struggled with infertility as well.

All systems are a go! Wish us luck. I have noticed that lots of ladies have gotten their BFPs, and a lot of y’all are having twins! I am really hoping everyone’s good luck rubs off on me, and that this next cycle will be it for us.


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