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It’s meant to be…

My OPK has two dark lines on it today! How’s that for a Valentine’s Day present? It was meant to be. Now if Hubs would just come home from work so we can get busy. Our plan was to go see Safe Haven, but I think we decided to hold off until this weekend when there aren’t as many crowds. We are just going to have a low-key evening at home. Wish us luck!


Hey Y’all

Well, we finally got moved. Moving is such a pain in the behind. Hub’s buddies that were supposed to help weren’t able to due to having family members in the hospital. We ended up having to do everything. I can never lift anything that heavy again. If moving with no help wasn’t bad enough, we also got caught in the middle of a snow storm. For us here in Tennessee, even one snowflake is enough to cause schools to shut down. It also causes all the grocery stores to run out of milk and bread. I have some lovely photos that help document the suckage.

moving2 moving moving3 moving4The fur-babies hid behind the couch.


In other news, today is cycle day 10. I started Clomid on day 5. I was commenting to hubs that I had not felt any side effects yet. Then it kicked in. I started becoming so ill-tempered. Everyone out in public was getting on my last nerve! I was furious at a child that would not stand still. I was even annoyed by a lady’s voice. In the end we decided not to do anymore shopping and just come back to the house and relax. I still have tons of unpacking that I should be doing. I just hope this works!

I am in love with the show Smash. The music is amazing!! I also love the idea that Marilyn Monroe’s life could be a musical. If it did come to Broadway I would definitely want to see it. I have always liked her movies, and I think she was so beautiful! She battled with infertility too. She had two miscarriages. Not many celebrities admit their struggles with infertility. Lucille Ball also struggled with recurrent pregnancy loss. She had three miscarriages.

Not many television shows are bringing much awareness to infertility. Spoiler Alert. On Grey’s Anatomy Mer-Der are now pregnant after adopting. I guess because that is what they always say. After you adopt, then you will get pregnant. Private Practice had a few episodes that delved into this sensitive subject. One is where Amelia gave birth to a baby with anencephaly and it died. Another is an episode where Jake had a patient that suffered multiple miscarriages and she had to decide when to stop trying. The last piece of utter ridiculousness is the fact that Charlotte (who didn’t want a baby and had an IUD) gets pregnant with triplets. Are you kidding me? Is it true that since we have been trying and not succeeding that I am actually looking for anything and everything pregnancy related? Or is it like I suspect and it is just everywhere all the time?

It’s everywhere on Facebook too. I have made a promise to myself that if I am lucky enough to get pregnant and stay pregnant, I will never ever post anything about it on Facebook. No complaining about sickness, heartburn, or peeing. No baby gaga tickers. Nothing!  I have several friends who are pregnant at the moment including my sister-in-law. I know this is cray-cray of me, but I feel like these people are posting every little detail about their pregnancy just to rub it in my face. A part of me knows they are just excited, but I have been hiding status updates of all pregos. I am almost to the point of deletion. I waste too much time on there anyway. We shall see.

I still haven’t really talked with my mother aside from her asking me for money. I did get her a phone card so she can add minutes to her phone. At the moment she is staying with someone she met randomly while walking down the street. Sounds safe. I hope she comes back to Tennessee to stay with my Nana when she gets off probation.

Well enough rambling nonsense for now. Goodnight loves.