He’s Back!

I went and picked him up from the airport early this evening. I missed him like crazy!! All the ladies at work said that after we have been married for a long time, I will be happy for the break when he is out of town. We have already been married for almost seven years, so I don’t see that happening. Ever. He is really my best friend. Plus, I hate being home alone at night. Sometimes it is nice to have some time to be by yourself though.

Today is cycle day 13. I usually ovulate on day 17 or 18. I haven’t even been using OPKs. Maybe I will just skip that process this month. There’s no point in wasting the $ on it when my cycle has gotten to be pretty predictable. One thing that does bug me about all this is, every time I have my mid-cycle blood draw it costs us $80. Our insurance wont cover it. I thought they were supposed to. They cover everything that is diagnostic, but nothing that is considered treatment. I don’t understand how having my blood drawn is considered treatment, but whatever. I will pay it if it means we know for sure my body has the correct amount of hormones to support a pregnancy if and when it happens again. I will not waste $ on pregnancy tests this time either. I am going to wait to test until I am late. Easier said than done. I always say that I need to know as soon as possible so I can start Lovenox. I don’t think a few days will make a huge difference.

Hubs said that one of his coworkers that traveled with him had a welcoming committee at the airport. It was his wife and two little girls. They had a welcome sign and everything. Hubs said he wishes we had a couple of little girls. I do too. So bad. I wish I could give him a baby. I can’t help but feel like it is my fault for all of our losses. I know he doesn’t blame me, but I can’t get it out of my head. I want to make all his dreams come true. I want to give him everything. I love him so much.

He brought me back some Japanese candy. I have no idea what it is since we can’t read Japanese. I guess I could Google it. He also brought me some chocolates. When I opened the box, they were so gorgeous. I almost didn’t want to eat them. He brought me a tapestry of Nagoya Castle. It is so pretty. We are both exhausted, and the bed is calling our names. We shall oblige. Perhaps some pics of his adventures soon? Good night y’all. ❤

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