Mustang Sally

We did it! We pulled the trigger and bought our new Mustang. We went to the dealership after work this evening. I wasn’t expecting to buy a car today, but we got a good deal. We go back to pick it up tomorrow. Cue the heart palpitations. This is an excellent way to get my mind off of this two week wait. Even though I already feel like it didn’t work. I just don’t “feel” pregnant. Last year my best friend and her husband bought a new Mustang, then the next month they found out they were expecting. I wish that would happen to us.

This past weekend we went to Gatlinburg  again. We went snow tubing with another couple. It was a blast! The weather was gorgeous. It was 60 degrees so we didn’t even have to wear our coats. We got a little sunburned too. It was a little strange to be playing in the snow without having to wear a coat, but that  is Tennessee for you. If you have never visited the Smokies, please do! It is beautiful! I am so thankful I live so close to such beauty.

I hope we all get good news soon.



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